Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How to Speed Up QuickBooks Premier?

QuickBooks Premier running slow on your PC will also affect the accounting task resulting delay in reporting or other processing or work related with your QuickBooks database. The speed and performance of QuickBooks Premier is mainly affected due to low RAM and less space available in hard drive. But here are few tips that will help you to speed up this software.

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Clear Unnecessary Data from Hard Drive

This is the first step you need to take to free-up some space in your computer. Remove junk files, delete unnecessary data like music, movies or videos, and uninstall unused software or utility applications form your computer system. Make sure not delete any important data or keep a copy of the same to any other external drive to recover anytime whenever needed.
Turn-off the Automatic Updates

Putting your PC on automatic updates downloads the data at the back-end keeps your PC busy every time affecting the speed and performance of entire computer system. So, turn-off automatic updates on your windows PC to avoid such issues. And in free time you can manually download such updates to keep your system up-to-date for best performance.

Check the QuickBooks File Errors

Sometimes file errors in QuickBooks software also slowdowns your system. Use File Repair Procedures to find the QuickBooks file error and archive files of QuickBooks Premier or other versions after reconciling all the bank accounts annually. Here if you need help, you can get QuickBooks premier support to fix all types of file errors in QuickBooks software.

Turn-off the inbuilt Search Indexing

This a type of preferences set by company to quickly search using F3 but this function slowdowns the speed of entire QuickBooks software. Disable this function and enjoy fast and uninterrupted accounting on your QuickBooks with best performance at every level. And if you need any help related with QuickBooks software you can get QuickBooks technical support.

Enhance the RAM & CPU Speed

QuickBooks is a kind of database software that needs huge size of memory to install, run and process various complex data in various formats. Hence, running QuickBooks Premier or any other version with low memory and old processer will show the slow speed or sluggish performance issues. But if you replace the processer with latest or better version and add more RAM you will enjoy fast accounting entries without any issue on your PC.

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